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I've always been an introvert

Happily bleeding

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Heya. I'm Raven. I love art, music, and food. :D
I'm 20 years old but I look about 16. Hahaha.

My outlook on life is very hippy/bohemian and Buddhist.

My world revolves around the music I listen to. I have a real passion for it. Sadly enough I have no talent in that arena as yet, but I'd love to try to play someday. I think that I would honestly die if I had no music... or would have a long time ago. I live for concerts...But whatever artist it is that I'm watching, I have a very deep respect for them, on multiple levels. Music saves me. ♥

I have trust issues sometimes. But typically I'm willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. I'm very friendly, easy going, and understanding. I will never judge someone before I get to know them. I can be opinionated with certain topics..but most of the time I'm not. I'll listen to what you have to say, and maybe even agree with you. If you can back up your argument, that is. If you're all talk I've got no time for you.

I'm working on being myself no matter who's around.. Because I find that people like you better when you're not a fake. Being yourself attracts others like yourself. I can be loud and very strange sometimes, but thankfully I've got an awesome group of friends who are okay with my insanity...and a couple who are more insane than I am! >:P I will always be there for my close friends. I would do anything for the ones I care about the most. I'm a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, and a mouth to advise. All three, or just one. Either way, I really do try.

Anyways, I'm mostly here on LJ for the communities I'm in. I'm not the best blogger...I forget to post very frequently...so my posts here will be few and far between, but my community activity is pretty much daily. :)

Feel free to contact me and add me [that order, please:)] if you wanna be friends! :)